Joshua One’s Top Ten Blog Posts

We invite you to take a look at our Top Ten page. Rod Heggy and I have listed our favorite blog posts, ten for each of us. We had not updated that page in more than a year, but it is updated now.

Rod and I began blogging together in December 2005, and a few of these posts go back almost that far. Here is an excerpt from a Jan. 4, 2006, article which states one of the reasons we began blogging:

Is the Christian church of America in serious decline? Is the modern U.S. church a pitiful representation of the church described in the New Testament … I believe it is. My colleague, Rod Heggy, believes it is. Our concern for the modern church is one reason Rod and I have launched this blog.

That post originally appeared on another blog Mr. Heggy and I write. In February 2007, we launched this Joshua One blog, moving more than 100 posts related to our Christian faith from that other site to this one. Toward the end of 2007 we incorporated Joshua One Ministries, and we have continued writing this blog to promote that non-profit Christian ministry, and to contribute toward the goals of “better lives, better churches.”

We now have more than 180 articles on this site.  Some of the best of them, selected from almost three years of blogging, is on our Top Ten page. We hope you will take a look.


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