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Joshua One Ministries is the church ministry of Terry and Norma Hull and a large group of fellow believers who are working together to be disciples and to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Our mission is to make and train followers of Jesus in the U.S. and Latin America through preaching and teaching. Will you join us?

Our ministries include:

  • Discipleship University: A series of 10 classes, 2½-3 hours long each, comprising about 25 hours of training in the essentials of the faith. Discipleship University classes may be scheduled one (or more) at a time, in any order, on any day of the week — whatever works best for your class.
  • Race Thru the Bible: A crash course on the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation in 6-8 hours. Race Thru The Old Testament and Race Thru The New Testament are two of the 10 classes of Discipleship University.
  • Costa Rica For Christ: CR4C is a ministry of evangelism and church-planting in the Central American country of Costa Rica (between Nicaragua and Panama). We provide financial support to our senior evangelist, Rodrigo Rojas, a preacher and church planter in the capital city of San José. Through Rodrigo we enjoy a loving relationship with about 25 churches throughout CR. We visit CR every January with a team of volunteers to provide health clinics, do construction projects, and host a Preaching-Teaching Convention that is attended by several hundred CR Christians.
  • Joshua One website (JoshuaOne.org): Our website contains more than 200 pages of teaching and opinions on a host of Christian topics. The site went live in 2005 and receives 50-100 visitors per week.

Our detailed mission statement is available here: The Joshua One Manifesto.

These ministries are made possible by the donations of friends and fellow believers who share our goal to preach and teach God’s Word, make and train disciples, and take the gospel to other nations. We would be very grateful for your generous support.


Terry Hull, teacher and director of Joshua One Ministries, has served as the pastor of churches in Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico before founding Joshua One Ministries.

Terry worked for several years as a newspaper reporter and editor, including managing editor of two daily newspapers. Terry continues to work as a professional writer (www.terryhull.net).

Terry earned a bachelor’s degree in Christian ministry at Midwest Christian College (Oklahoma City) and a master’s in New Testament exposition at Johnson Bible College (Knoxville, TN). He also completed all course work for a master’s degree in industrial-organizational psychology at Eastern New Mexico University (Portales, NM).

Terry and Norma live in Edmond, Okla., a suburb of Oklahoma City. Norma is also very active in Joshua One Ministries, serving as a leader, translator and photographer on our evangelism trips and assisting in countless other ways. Terry and Norma are parents and grandparents.

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Joshua One Ministries is very grateful for the generous support it receives from many individuals and churches. We receive regular support from these supporting churches are:

  • Edmond Christian Church, Edmond, Okla.
  • Oakwood Christian Church, Enid, Okla.
  • First Christian Church, Canton, Okla.
  • Carriage Hills Christian Church, Lawton, Okla.

Rodney J. Heggy is chairman of the Joshua One Ministries board of directors. Rod is an attorney at the Crowe & Dunlevy law firm, Oklahoma City. Rod practices civil litigation, mostly in securities, insurance, and employment matters. Rod is a member and teacher at Christ’s Church of Yukon (Okla.). He is an ordained minister and served for several years as the preaching minister of Grace Christian Church in Yukon.

Roger Mannschreck is also a member of the Joshua One board of directors.  Roger is a retired executive of IBM. Roger serves as an elder, teacher and small group leader, and Roger and his wife, Bobbie, have traveled with us several times on our evangelism trips to Costa Rica.

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December 23, 2005


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