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Call for team members: Evangelism Trip to Costa Rica, January 15-22, 2018

We are calling for team members for our upcoming missions trip to the cities of San José and San Isidro in Costa Rica, Central America. We are hoping for a big team and some new faces this year. Do you want to join us?

We need volunteers for our construction projects, our health clinics, our children’s ministries, and our day-long discipleship training class for church leaders. We also need volunteers to participate (teaching? singing?) in the worship services we attend on Wednesday and Sunday.

 If you are worried about the cost, please don’t be! We will help you raise the funds. We encourage team members to not pay your own way. There are many generous believers who would love to help send you. Accepting their support gives them the opportunity to be involved in what we are doing.

 If you are anxious about traveling to a foreign country, please don’t be! Costa Rica is in nearby Central America, straight south of Florida. Ticos (Costa Ricans) are warm, wonderful people who are very friendly to Americans. On 11 previous trips, with groups totaling 155 people, we have never experienced any danger, not a single serious injury, and only one serious illness.

Come join us!

Returning to Tierra Prometida (neighborhood) —
in San Isidro (city) — in Perez Zeledón (province) — in Costa Rica (Central America)

We are excited to be returning to San Isidro in south Costa Rica, where we had such an outstanding experience last year. San Isidro is about a three-hour mountain drive south of San Jose to the state of Perez Zeledón.

Last year, we partnered with a church there called Cuerpo de Cristo (Body of Christ) in Tierra Prometidaone of the poorest neighborhoods of CR. We expanded that church’s worship center and had a children’s ministry in the park across the street from the church, with 88 children showing up.

This year, Pedro and Anais Ramirez, the leaders of that church, have handed over leadership to another couple and have launched a new church in the next village.

On this trip we will work with both congregations doing construction projects, health clinics and children’s ministries.

On Saturday, Terry will teach the third day-long class of Discipleship University. We had 78 pastors, elders and teachers for our last class on July 1. Costa Rica abounds with false teachers, religious ritualism, superstition, paganism, and cult groups. These Christian leaders have such a hunger to receive sound training in the essential doctrines of the Christian faith. We are incredibly privileged to be able to provide it.

For more information ….

  • Read this four-page detailed description of our upcoming trip:  CR4C Jan 2018 Prospectus
  • Or email Terry at

We look forward to hearing from you!

We need you! Come join us!

Terry & Norma Hull

CR4C’s 10th Evangelism Adventure to Costa Rica: January 16-23, 2017

CR pastors being honored at 2012 Costa Rica For Christ national convention. On the left, Terry Hull comes to the stage to pray for these faithful brothers.
CR pastors being honored at 2012 Costa Rica For Christ national convention. On the left, Terry Hull comes to the stage to pray for these faithful brothers.

Want To Come?

We will return to Costa Rica in January, Lord willing, for our 10th evangelism outing since Terry and Norma began leading these trips in 2008. On nine previous trips we have taken 80 different people from four states to the Central American mission field.

We have:
• Performed health clinics and/or construction projects in 15 towns and villages.
• Built a church building or built/remodeled structures to be used as churches in four locations.
• Added classrooms at two other churches.
• Offered seven Preaching-Teaching Conventions attended by hundreds of Costa Ricans from across the country.
• Distributed hundreds of Bibles and books and thousands of gospel tracts.

Here’s what’s coming up in January 2017:

Discipleship University

Instead of a convention this year, we are focusing our energy on Discipleship University, an intensive day-long class of Bible training for pastors and church leaders. This is something Costa Rican church leaders have repeatedly asked for.

Perez Zeledon

We will travel to a region in south CR we have not visited previously: Perez Zeledon, about three hours south of San Jose. We will work with a church in the impoverished village of Tierra Prometida (which means, “Promised Land!”)

Rural Churches

Unlike the larger multi-church worship services we have facilitated before, this year we will worship on Wed evening and Sun morning in small, rural churches. These small churches will love having guests from the U.S., and we will love experiencing authentic worship and fellowship with them.

Construction Projects, Health Clinics

We will perform construction and offer health clinics at Perez Zeledon, where Pedro Calvo is pastor of a church about 50 people, and at Leon XIII, where Rolando Aragon pastors a small church in one of the roughest and poorest neighborhoods of San Jose.

CR4C Day Camp

We MAY offer a day camp for children and young teens, including a gospel presentation, Bible stories and classes, music, games and food. It all depends on YOU. We need to recruit some team members who are called to help with this aspect of our outreach.

What About You?

Want to join us? We’d love to have you.

• Do you have any medical or health training to bring to our health clinics?
• Are you willing to be a non-medical volunteer on our clinics?
• Are you handy? Want to help with our construction projects?
• Are you good with kids? Want to help with CR4C Day Camp?

Want to know more? For all the details: See our CR4C Jan 2017 Prospectus.

Here are All the Details of our January 2012 Evangelism Trip to Costa Rica


Our January 2011 team to Costa Rica -- 39 people from 11 churches.
Our January 2011 team to Costa Rica -- 39 people from 11 churches.

We are returning to Costa Rica in January for eight days of preaching, teaching, medical outreach, construction work and lots of sweet Christian fellowship. Do you want to come?

Dates: January 16-23, 2012

Cost: $1732 (covers everything: air, hotel, meals, ground transportation, projects, etc.)

First deadline: RIGHT NOW! $50 nonrefundable deposits for air travel are due on Monday (Oct. 24).

This will be our fifth annual Costa Rican venture. During 2008-2011, we have had a total of 53 individuals from 15 churches take the gospel to Costa Rica with us. Last year we had 39 people from 11 churches on our team. Is God calling you to join us this year?

Many of you have already told me that you are planning to join us again this year, and are just waiting for the details. Well, all the details are now available.

I am sorry I am running so late in putting this information together for you, and very sorry for the short notice on the deposit deadline. The last three months have been one of the most challenging times ever for Norma and me — Norma has had back surgery and a very slow recovery, and I have gone through a huge transition in my career. I’ll tell you more about those things later.

Anyway, the details are available now. For those of you who have gone with us before, I can tell you that none of the major details have changed.

• Here is a four-page prospectus (pdf) with much more detailed information: CR4C-Jan2012-Prospectus.

• To sign up or to indicate your interest, please complete the short online form below. PLEASE COMPLETE THIS FORM RIGHT AWAYeven if you have already told me that you are planning to go.

Pre-register for Joshua One Ministries'
January 2012 CR4C Trip




DO YOU WANT TO JOIN OUR JAN. 2012 TEAM? (choose one)
yespretty sure (please explain in NOTE field below)thinking about it (need more time, info, etc.)

AIR FARE DEPOSIT (choose one):
To sign up and hold your spot, first step is $100 nonrefundable air fare deposit. Your $100 deposit is:
in the mail or ready to be paidI will send deposit on date indicated below (use NOTE field)still thinking -- not ready to deposit yet


Thank you! Director Terry Hull will get back with you very soon! God bless!