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Updated Information About our January 2013 Evangelism Trip to Costa Rica

Our evangelism trip to Costa Rica, set for January 21-28, 2013, is shaping up to be a very special event.

As in previous years:
* We will be hosting a three-day Preaching-Teaching Convention for hundreds of Costa Rican believers.
* We will be conducting a Leadership Luncheon and Seminar for about 50 CR pastors and pastor’s wives.
* We will be offering free health clinics to low-income rural citizens.
* Wee will be doing a construction project to assist an impoverished Costa Rican church.

Are you interested in joining our team? The time to decide is now! Please click here to find a detailed prospectus with all the information you need about our trip: CR4C-Jan2013-Prospectus2. Then contact us right away and let us know that you are in!

If you can’t come, will you partner with us by being one of our financial supporters? We need to raise several thousand dollars between now and January to do all of the projects we have planned on this ambitious evangelism trip. Will you help get our fundraising campaign off to a good start with a generous donation today?

You can make a donation online using your credit card or bank card by going to our: Contact/Donate page. Or mail your donation to the mailing address on that same page.

Thanks! Please keep us in your prayers.

First Call for January 2013 Evangelism Trip to Costa Rica.

Would you like to travel to Costa Rica with us in January for a week of adventure, evangelism, outreach projects, fellowship and worship?

This is Joshua One Ministries’ first call for CR4C January 2013, Costa Rica For Christ’s upcoming week-long adventure

If you have a possible interest in joining our team, please read the following information and respond to let us know you are interested.

If there is no way you can join us, please become one of our senders! Really! Please!

Last year we came up way short of the funds we needed. At the last minute, a couple of wonderful churches and a couple of very generous individuals wrote some large checks to make it possible for us to proceed. Even then, we had to make some cuts in the ways we were able to bless the churches we were visiting.

OK, I admit it. I need to do a much better job of fundraising this year! So here I am, starting right now, asking for your help. Will you help get us off to a good start by writing a generous check right now? We need your support in a big way to do everything I know God wants us to do while we are in Costa Rica in January.


This will be the sixth consecutive year we have made this journey. We have taken groups ranging in size from 13 to 39 people in previous years.

• Dates: January 21-28, 2013. That’s Monday to Monday, exactly four months from now.

• Travel: We will fly from OKC through Dallas or Houston to San José, CR. If you are closer to another large city, we may be able to arrange for you to fly from there and connect with us in Dallas or Houston.

• Lodging: We will stay in an economical hotel in or near San José. Probably the Hotel Maragato (, where we have stayed previously.

• Cost: We are still developing the budget. Cost was $1750 per person the last two years and will be close to that this year, depending on airfare and hotel costs.

• Passport: You must have a passport, so if you don’t have one, please get the paperwork started now.


We are visiting with Rodrigo Rojas, our senior evangelist in Costa Rica, about how we can make the most impact for the Kingdom this year. In previous years:

• We have done construction projects, such as a Classroom/Dormitory building for our Bible Institute in San José, a restroom facility for a church in San Miguel, and a Sunday School classroom addition for a church in the village of Santa Elena.

• We have offered free health clinics in impoverished rural villages, with Costa Rican doctors and U.S. nurses providing health care and our team members playing various supporting roles.

• Each year we conduct a Leadership Seminar for CR pastors and pastors’ wives.

The highlight of our visit is the three-day Preaching and Teaching Convention we most for believers from all over Costa Rica. This is one of the most ambitious and expensive parts of our adventure. We rent a meeting place large enough for several hundred people and we rent buses to go out to all the villages to bring our Christian brothers and sisters to the convention.

This is something they look forward to all year. We were heartbroken last year to have to cancel some of the buses because of lack of funds, which meant some believers who wanted to attend were unable to.


If you love the Lord and you love others, we can definitely use you on our team. Even if you have no specials talents or are in less than perfect health, if you have love in your heart, we’d love to have you.

If you do have a special skill — translation, construction, medical, children, music, preaching, teaching — all the better. Each year we look forward to seeing who God calls to join our team and then we find ways to use each person in a unique way.

But the most important thing we bring to Costa Rica each year is our love. The No. 1 purpose of this trip each year never changes:

Loving fellowship with our Christian brothers and sisters in CR. We want our fellow Christians in CR to know that we love them and are praying for them. They really look forward to our visit each year, and we really look forward to going! We go so that we and our CR brethren “may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith” (Rom 1:12).

You can do that, can’t you?


First, please send me an email: to , letting me know that you want to go or that you are interested. Or use our online Contact form.

Second, send a $100 nonrefundable deposit to hold your place. Soon we will need to pay deposits to hold our airline reservations. So we need to hear from you and we need your deposits. Additional payments will be due in late Oct, early Dec and early January.

Can can mail your deposit — or if you are sender, mail your donations — to:

Joshua One Ministries  *  P.O. Box 8464  *  Edmond, OK 73083

Or, you can make a donation online right now on our Contact page.

Jan. 2009 Costa Rica Team Filling Up Fast

Wow! On Thursday we posted the first “official details” about our January 2009 evangelism trip to Costa Rica. The response has been amazing! Thirteen people have confirmed their intention to join our team, and seven more have indicated a strong interest. And that’s just four days after the announcement. Fantastic!

I predicted last week that we would have 20-25 people on our team, but it looks I may have been shooting low. So if you have an interest, I suggest that you think it over and let me hear from you soon.

We are currently set up to handle up to 25 team members on this trip. Beyond 25 will require negotiating for more hotel rooms and a second vehicle in addition to the 28-passenger bus we have already reserved. The bigger the team the better. More workers just means more projects we can take on.

However, as the weeks progress, it will become increasingly difficult to switch from a 25-max group to a more-than-25 group. Bottom line, if you’re coming with us, please let us know as soon as you know. And the way to let us know is to send in your $100 nonrefundable deposit to reserve your spot. Make the check to Joshua One Ministries and send it to this address.

Joshua One Ministries:

Many of you have been asking. We have now confirmed the dates for our next Costa Rica For Christ evangelism trip to San José, Costa Rica: January 20-26, 2009. That’s a Tuesday through Monday. Just as we did last year, we will be carrying out some projects Wednesday-Friday, including building projects and medical clinics, and we will facilitate and participate in a convention of Costa Rica’s independent Christian Churches on Friday-Sunday.

I know many of you have lots more questions, such as: Who else is going? How much will it cost? What projects will we be doing? How much will it cost? Where will be staying? How much will it cost? We are working out most of the specifics. I expect to be posting many more details on this website within the next 48 hours, so please stay tuned.

[08/21/08 UPDATE: Click here to go to more up-to-date information about our Costa Rica trip.]

Rodrigo Rojas, senior evangelist of Costa Rica For Christ, has sent a great report. A new church established! Nine men baptized into Christ! Rodrigo says our Christian brethren there are all really looking forward to our visit in January. Rodrigo’s report is short; read it in its entirety here: Report From Rodrigo.

The idea of an online training program for Christians has been on our drawing board for a long time. Finally, we have begun unveiling: Discipleship University. It will take us many months to complete this ambitous project, but take a look at what we have posted so far here: Discipleship University.

More information on this big step forward for our ministry is here.

Rod Heggy of Yukon, Okla., and Christ’s Church of Yukon, and Roger Mannschreck of Edmond, Okla., and Edmond Christian Church, have agreed to join me in forming the three-person board of directors of Joshua One Ministries. More here.

Selected from more than 180 articles written during the last two-and-a-half years, Terry Hull and Rod Heggy have selected their Top Ten posts. More information here.

* * * * *
Joshua One Ministries is a non-profit Christian ministry devoted to the goal of “better lives, better churches.” We encourage Christian discipleship through preaching and teaching and through such projects as Discipleship University and the Joshua One blog. We promote the spread of the gospel in Latin America through such projects as Costa Rica For Christ.

For more information about Joshua One Ministries, see our About page. Our detailed mission statement is available here: The Joshua One Manifesto. Donations to Joshua One Ministries are most welcome and are tax-exempt.

Joshua One Forms Board of Directors

Earlier this month I reported that Joshua One Ministries has received approval from the IRS as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.  With that big step forward for our ministry comes the need for more formal oversight.   Toward that end, we have established a board of directors.

*  Rodney Heggy, an Oklahoma City attorney, is a director and has been named chairman of the board.  Rod has been involved with Joshua One Ministries from its informal start in 2005 and has written many articles for this Joshua One blog.  Rod is a member and a teacher at Christ’s Church of Yukon.  Joshua One Ministries would not exist without Rod.  You can read more about Rod here.

 * Roger Mannschreck, a retired IBM executive, also has joined us on the board of directors.   Roger is an elder at Edmond Christian Church, where he also serves as the church’s administrator.  Roger is the one who originally proposed the idea of an online discipleship training program, which is now becoming a reality in the form of Discipleship University.  Roger was also a team member on our evangelism trip to Costa Rica in January 2008 to support the work of Costa Rica For Christ.  We are very grateful to Roger for agreeing to serve as an overseer of this work.

 * I am the third member of the board of directors.  You can learn more about me here.