Costa Rica For Christ

What Is CR4C?

Costa Rica for Christ, a project of Joshua One Ministries, is a ministry of evangelism and church-planting in Costa Rica led by native Costa Rican evangelists. Rodrigo Rojas, in the capital city of San José, is senior evangelist of CR4C.

Joshua One Ministries provides various kinds of support to Rodrigo, his team of evangelist-church planters, and their network of more than a dozen churches. In addition to funds, we provide leadership training, discipleship training, Bibles, books — as well as friendship and encouragement — to Rodrigo and his team. We will be leading our next week-long missions trip to Costa Rica in January 2009.

Rodrigo Rojas: Evangelist, Pastor, Church Planter

Rodrigo Rojas Romero lives and ministers in San José, the capital city of Costa Rica, a metropolitan area of more than 1 million people. Rodrigo, 60, and his wife, Nelly, have been married 35 years. They have seven children and five grandchildren, many of whom are active ministers and church leaders themselves.

In 1971, when Rodrigo was 24 years old, he became a Christian and was baptized. Three years later, Rodrigo entered the ministry. “I never decided to become a minister,” Rodrigo says. “God called me to be a minister.”

From the start, Rodrigo has always been a church planter. The first church he launched is in San Miguel de Desamparados, a district of San José. Rodrigo continues to pastor that church, Iglesia del Evangelio de Jesucristo (“Church of the Gospel of Jesus Christ”), where about 100 people attend each Sunday. Iglesia del Evangelio is a nondenominational, Bible-believing church, an independent Christian church of the Restoration Movement.

Over the past two decades, Rodrigo’s church has become the “mother church” for 12 small “daughter churches,” both in San José and in the rural areas beyond the city limits. Six of the churches are among Costa Rica’s Indian tribes.

How Did Rodrigo Rojas and Joshua One Ministries Get Connected?

In 1987, American missionary David Savage met Rodrigo Rojas. David is an Iowa native and a graduate of Ozark Christian College in Joplin, Mo. In 1982, David and wife Virginia moved to the Dominican Republic, where they have labored as missionaries for more than a quarter-century. While in Costa Rica in 1987, God caused David and Rodrigo to cross paths.

Rodrigo was already working as a nondenominational pastor and church planter. When David told Rodrigo about the Restoration Movement goal of “New Testament churches,” Rodrigo responded that that was his vision for his churches in Costa Rica. Since that time, David has been visiting Rodrigo up to four times a year, traveling from his missions base in the Dominican to Costa Rica, to serve as a mentor and supporter of Rodrigo and his team of ministers.

In 1997, Terry and Norma Hull accompanied the Savages on a trip to Costa Rica. Terry has been corresponding with and raising support for Rodrigo and his work ever since.  In 2003, David, who is now in his 70s, asked Terry to take over as Rodrigo’s “lifeline” to U.S. support. That resulted in the creation of Costa Rica For Christ, a ministry of Joshua One Ministries.

Costa Rica, One of America’s Greatest Friends in Latin America

Costa Rica is in Central America, between Nicaragua and Panama. Costa Rica won its independence from Spain in 1821, and had its first free election in 1899. So Costa Rica is still a relatively young democracy, and it is considered one of the United States’ greatest friends in Latin America.

Costa Rica has a population of 4.4 million. Geographically, it is about the same size as the Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston metro areas combined, with a population roughly the same as either of those metro areas.

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