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CR4C’s 10th Evangelism Adventure to Costa Rica: January 16-23, 2017

CR pastors being honored at 2012 Costa Rica For Christ national convention. On the left, Terry Hull comes to the stage to pray for these faithful brothers.
CR pastors being honored at 2012 Costa Rica For Christ national convention. On the left, Terry Hull comes to the stage to pray for these faithful brothers.

Want To Come?

We will return to Costa Rica in January, Lord willing, for our 10th evangelism outing since Terry and Norma began leading these trips in 2008. On nine previous trips we have taken 80 different people from four states to the Central American mission field.

We have:
• Performed health clinics and/or construction projects in 15 towns and villages.
• Built a church building or built/remodeled structures to be used as churches in four locations.
• Added classrooms at two other churches.
• Offered seven Preaching-Teaching Conventions attended by hundreds of Costa Ricans from across the country.
• Distributed hundreds of Bibles and books and thousands of gospel tracts.

Here’s what’s coming up in January 2017:

Discipleship University

Instead of a convention this year, we are focusing our energy on Discipleship University, an intensive day-long class of Bible training for pastors and church leaders. This is something Costa Rican church leaders have repeatedly asked for.

Perez Zeledon

We will travel to a region in south CR we have not visited previously: Perez Zeledon, about three hours south of San Jose. We will work with a church in the impoverished village of Tierra Prometida (which means, “Promised Land!”)

Rural Churches

Unlike the larger multi-church worship services we have facilitated before, this year we will worship on Wed evening and Sun morning in small, rural churches. These small churches will love having guests from the U.S., and we will love experiencing authentic worship and fellowship with them.

Construction Projects, Health Clinics

We will perform construction and offer health clinics at Perez Zeledon, where Pedro Calvo is pastor of a church about 50 people, and at Leon XIII, where Rolando Aragon pastors a small church in one of the roughest and poorest neighborhoods of San Jose.

CR4C Day Camp

We MAY offer a day camp for children and young teens, including a gospel presentation, Bible stories and classes, music, games and food. It all depends on YOU. We need to recruit some team members who are called to help with this aspect of our outreach.

What About You?

Want to join us? We’d love to have you.

• Do you have any medical or health training to bring to our health clinics?
• Are you willing to be a non-medical volunteer on our clinics?
• Are you handy? Want to help with our construction projects?
• Are you good with kids? Want to help with CR4C Day Camp?

Want to know more? For all the details: See our CR4C Jan 2017 Prospectus.

Do You Have Beautiful Feet?

Announcing our seventh annual Costa Rica For Christ evangelism trip: Jan. 19-26, 2015.

Every January since 2008, Terry and Norma Hull of Joshua One Ministries have led a group of Christians to Costa Rica for a week of fellowship, assistance, evangelism, preaching, teaching and fun in Costa Rica.

We are now accepting names for our 2015 team. But please hurry! We have blocked out 30 seats on Delta Airlines, and on Oct. 6, we must pay a $100 nonrefundable deposit for every seat we want to keep. So, if you have a serious interest in joining our team, now is the time to speak up.

During our week in Costa Rica, we will be:

    • Doing a construction project to assist an impoverished church.
    • Offering free health clinics to provide minor health care to low income citizens.
    • Hosting a three-day Preaching-Teaching Convention for hundreds of Costa Rican Christians.
    • Conducting a half-day pastors/pastors wives leadership seminar.

Mainly, we will be bringing love and encouragement to the two dozen independent Christian churches we work with in Costa Rica through our friend, Evangelist Rodrigo Rojas.

Cost of the trip per team member is $1975, with the first $100 due on Oct. 6. For more information, send an email to . I’ll send you a four-page prospectus with all the information you need about this missions opportunity.

“How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed? How will they believe in Him whom they have not heard? And how will they hear without a preacher? How will they preach unless they are sent? Just as it is written, ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news of good things!’” (Romans 10:14-15)

Updated Information About our January 2013 Evangelism Trip to Costa Rica

Our evangelism trip to Costa Rica, set for January 21-28, 2013, is shaping up to be a very special event.

As in previous years:
* We will be hosting a three-day Preaching-Teaching Convention for hundreds of Costa Rican believers.
* We will be conducting a Leadership Luncheon and Seminar for about 50 CR pastors and pastor’s wives.
* We will be offering free health clinics to low-income rural citizens.
* Wee will be doing a construction project to assist an impoverished Costa Rican church.

Are you interested in joining our team? The time to decide is now! Please click here to find a detailed prospectus with all the information you need about our trip: CR4C-Jan2013-Prospectus2. Then contact us right away and let us know that you are in!

If you can’t come, will you partner with us by being one of our financial supporters? We need to raise several thousand dollars between now and January to do all of the projects we have planned on this ambitious evangelism trip. Will you help get our fundraising campaign off to a good start with a generous donation today?

You can make a donation online using your credit card or bank card by going to our: Contact/Donate page. Or mail your donation to the mailing address on that same page.

Thanks! Please keep us in your prayers.

First Call for January 2013 Evangelism Trip to Costa Rica.

Would you like to travel to Costa Rica with us in January for a week of adventure, evangelism, outreach projects, fellowship and worship?

This is Joshua One Ministries’ first call for CR4C January 2013, Costa Rica For Christ’s upcoming week-long adventure

If you have a possible interest in joining our team, please read the following information and respond to let us know you are interested.

If there is no way you can join us, please become one of our senders! Really! Please!

Last year we came up way short of the funds we needed. At the last minute, a couple of wonderful churches and a couple of very generous individuals wrote some large checks to make it possible for us to proceed. Even then, we had to make some cuts in the ways we were able to bless the churches we were visiting.

OK, I admit it. I need to do a much better job of fundraising this year! So here I am, starting right now, asking for your help. Will you help get us off to a good start by writing a generous check right now? We need your support in a big way to do everything I know God wants us to do while we are in Costa Rica in January.


This will be the sixth consecutive year we have made this journey. We have taken groups ranging in size from 13 to 39 people in previous years.

• Dates: January 21-28, 2013. That’s Monday to Monday, exactly four months from now.

• Travel: We will fly from OKC through Dallas or Houston to San José, CR. If you are closer to another large city, we may be able to arrange for you to fly from there and connect with us in Dallas or Houston.

• Lodging: We will stay in an economical hotel in or near San José. Probably the Hotel Maragato (, where we have stayed previously.

• Cost: We are still developing the budget. Cost was $1750 per person the last two years and will be close to that this year, depending on airfare and hotel costs.

• Passport: You must have a passport, so if you don’t have one, please get the paperwork started now.


We are visiting with Rodrigo Rojas, our senior evangelist in Costa Rica, about how we can make the most impact for the Kingdom this year. In previous years:

• We have done construction projects, such as a Classroom/Dormitory building for our Bible Institute in San José, a restroom facility for a church in San Miguel, and a Sunday School classroom addition for a church in the village of Santa Elena.

• We have offered free health clinics in impoverished rural villages, with Costa Rican doctors and U.S. nurses providing health care and our team members playing various supporting roles.

• Each year we conduct a Leadership Seminar for CR pastors and pastors’ wives.

The highlight of our visit is the three-day Preaching and Teaching Convention we most for believers from all over Costa Rica. This is one of the most ambitious and expensive parts of our adventure. We rent a meeting place large enough for several hundred people and we rent buses to go out to all the villages to bring our Christian brothers and sisters to the convention.

This is something they look forward to all year. We were heartbroken last year to have to cancel some of the buses because of lack of funds, which meant some believers who wanted to attend were unable to.


If you love the Lord and you love others, we can definitely use you on our team. Even if you have no specials talents or are in less than perfect health, if you have love in your heart, we’d love to have you.

If you do have a special skill — translation, construction, medical, children, music, preaching, teaching — all the better. Each year we look forward to seeing who God calls to join our team and then we find ways to use each person in a unique way.

But the most important thing we bring to Costa Rica each year is our love. The No. 1 purpose of this trip each year never changes:

Loving fellowship with our Christian brothers and sisters in CR. We want our fellow Christians in CR to know that we love them and are praying for them. They really look forward to our visit each year, and we really look forward to going! We go so that we and our CR brethren “may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith” (Rom 1:12).

You can do that, can’t you?


First, please send me an email: to , letting me know that you want to go or that you are interested. Or use our online Contact form.

Second, send a $100 nonrefundable deposit to hold your place. Soon we will need to pay deposits to hold our airline reservations. So we need to hear from you and we need your deposits. Additional payments will be due in late Oct, early Dec and early January.

Can can mail your deposit — or if you are sender, mail your donations — to:

Joshua One Ministries  *  P.O. Box 8464  *  Edmond, OK 73083

Or, you can make a donation online right now on our Contact page.

Construction Projects Completed at Two Villages

January 2012 Evangelism Trip to Costa Rica
Part 4: Construction Projects

Larry Suazo of Lawton on our construction site.
Larry Suazo of Carriage Hills Christian Church, Lawton, OK, surveys progress on our project at Santa Elena.

We accomplished two construction projects this year:

• At the San Miguel church we completed a restroom facility begun in 2011. We brought the project to within 95% completion and left behind the necessary materials for CR believers to finish the work.

• We bought the materials and began the work on a classroom addition at the Santa Elena church.

Marcy Hynd of Edmond Christian Church paints a classroom.
Marcy Hynd of Edmond Christian Church paints a classroom on our 2010 trip.
A children's Sunday School class at San Miguel
Children have Sunday School during our 2012 convention in the classroom our team built during our 2010 trip.
Steve Driskill and Jovanny Baez cut a metal beam
Steve Driskill, minister of Canton (OK) Christian Church, and Jovanny Baez, a pastor in San José, cut a beam for the Santa Elena classroom addition.

* * * * *

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