Discipleship University

Joshua One Ministries presents

a discipleship training program to address the growing problem

of untaught, untrained Christians

A Series of Ten Classes on the Fundamentals of the Christian Faith

Invite Terry Hull to offer a Discipleship University class at your church. Discipleship University is a series of 10 classes. Each class is about 2½ hours long, comprising about 25 hours of instruction in all.

These are the fundamentals, the bare-bones basics of the Christian faith, that every Christian must understand to be a growing, fruitful disciple of Jesus. Yet, sadly, many modern Christians have not been taught these essentials.

Classes can be scheduled one (or more) at a time, in any order, on a Saturday, Sunday, weekday, weeknight — whatever works best for your church. If a church schedules all 10 classes (for example, over a one-, two- or three-year period), your people will have the opportunity to take all 10 classes and become graduates of Discipleship University.

The Discipleship University Curriculum


Many Christians don’t really understand the very gospel of salvation upon which we stand. The only instruction on salvation many church members have received was when they were in elementary school. How can we be saved and enjoy all the benefits of being saved if we don’t even understand salvation?

The class will cover:

  • Saved from what?
  • How is a person saved?
  • What about baptism?
  • Can I be absolutely sure that I am saved?
  • What are Justification, Regeneration, and Sanctification?


The church described in the Bible is much, much more than a speaking event, community theater, or neighborhood block party. Being a member of the church is supposed to be one of the most important things about who we are and why we are here.

The class will cover:

  • What is a Church supposed to look like, according to the Bible?
  • Why so many denominations?
  • The roles of preaching, teaching, worship, and fellowship.
  • The Lord’s Supper.
  • Where do you fit in your church?
  • Every member ministry and ministry teams.
  • Governance: what does the Bible say about pastors, leaders and ministry team leaders?


The class will cover:

  • How does “our God” compare to the gods of other religions?
  • The One True God.
  • The characteristics of God.
  • The Trinity.
  • What is the true nature of Jesus Christ?


Many people don’t understand what is really going on in their lives because they only see the physical dimension. We are all citizens of the spiritual realm, whether we know it or not. Understanding the spiritual dimension is the only way to understand who we are and what’s going on.

The class will cover:

  • Heaven and hell
  • Angels, the Devil, demons
  • The will of God
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Sanctification
  • Spiritual gifts


The Bible give us the answers we are craving, the hope we are longing for, the guidance we so desperately need. It is God’s inspired Word to you and to me.

The class will cover:

  • Where did the Bible come from?
  • What translation should I use?
  • How should I go about reading and understanding the Bible?
  • Bible study methods and tools.


The class will cover:

  • How should I pray?
  • Who should I pray to?
  • The power of prayer.
  • Praying the Psalms.
  • Praying the promises.
  • Tough questions about prayer.


A crash course on all 39 books of the O.T.: from Genesis to Malachi, from Creation to the Prophets. The Old Testament provides the essential background to understand all of the great truths of Christianity.


A crash course on all 27 books of the N.T.: from Matthew to Revelation, from the life of Christ to the end times, from the present age to the age to come. The New Testament provides all the thrilling details of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and His Church.


Jesus’ final instructions to His disciples was to make more disciples. He came so that we could be saved, and has called us to reach out so that others can be saved, too. It has been said that sadly the Great Commission is the Great Omission of modern Christians. However, the Great Commission is supposed to be the Magnificent Obsession of true disciples.

The class will cover:

  • How to tell your relatives, friends and co-workers about Jesus.
  • How to share Jesus without being a salesperson. How to share without being pushy, obnoxious, or embarrassed.
  • Preparing your personal Christian testimony.
  • The power of prayer in personal evangelism.
  • The call to missions, at home and around the world.

CLASS 10: PROPHECY (What The Future Holds”)

What comes next after this present age? One thing is sure: We are all going to be there! Another thing is equally true: God has given us hundreds of prophecies about what the future holds and what we should be doing to prepare for it.

  • The class will cover:The Rapture
    The Tribulation
    The Anti-Christ
    The Second Coming
    The Millennial Kingdom
    The New Earth

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